The tradition of oral storytelling has existed long before written works. Something deep and significant is conveyed through the relating of a well-crafted, well-told first person story. Many times these stories have served as a way to preserve history and explore and impact our emotions as individuals and communities. Storytelling is a powerful means of entertainment, education and cultural preservation. Coyote Tales hopes to perpetuate the art of storytelling while entertaining the listener with a unique and intimate experience.

Coyote Tales are live, open-mic style storytelling events with amateur and experienced storytellers. Each event has a theme, on which stories are to be based. Potential storytellers may address that theme in any way they choose. Prior to the event, storytellers craft their true, on-theme story, practice the telling (5 minutes or less), work on eliminating excess detail to nail the perfect ending. When the doors open, potential storytellers put their name in the hat in hopes of being chosen to share their story. If chosen, the storyteller takes the stage to delight the audience. At the end of the evening, the audience votes for their favorite story. Stories must be true, told live, within the given time frame (5 minutes). They must be told without notes, props, or accompaniment.

Coyote Tales is our take on “The Moth” live storytelling events.  The original Moth events were inspired by porch storytelling parties attended by author, George Dawes Green.  The concept has spawned worldwide live oral storytelling performances, a PRX radio program and a book. This is our take on these ideas.  For more information on The Moth, please check out their website @ https://www.themoth.org 


All events held at Center for the Arts at Kayenta

Start time is 7:30 pm sharp.

Out of respect for our storytellers, late comers will not be admitted until intermission. If you are interested in getting on stage, please arrive by 6:30 to get your name in the hat and walk through event layout. Please find Victoria when you arrive to get set up.

Ticket price is $15.00

Please read on for ticket purchase info for the specific event(s) you are interested in.

Please note that adult themes may be discussed.

Some listeners may find a story’s subject matter difficult.

Lost and Found



Get ready to present a 5 minute story about something lost and found. Have you misplaced something only to find it in the most unlikely of places? Perhaps a found article that was reclaimed by its owner? Or maybe something irrecoverable, waiting to be rescued…..Something vanished, reappeared….

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Please no standup routines or rants.

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Tips for Storytelling Greatness

Follow these Simple Guidelines

Get started telling your tale!

A Strong Start

Have a clear, engaging and attention grabbing opening. You want to snare the audience’s attention. You want to bring them along with you when you share your tale.

A Clear Path

The best stories have a natural arc. A clear beginning, - the action or conflict, - a resolution or closure - and finally, describe how the experience affected or changed you, the teller.

Own It

Use your own voice and language. This is your story.


Too much detail can cloud the narrative. You want enough detail to make it real, but not so much that it is overwhelming.

Know It

Practice your story but don’t memorize it! Practice enough so that you are comfortable. Know your major points but have fun with the details.

Need Some Help?

For help developing your story, we’ve lined up two storytelling pros to assist you.
Douglas Caputo

Douglas Caputo

Actor, Teacher, Director

Douglas Caputo - http://www.douglascaputo.com/ – douglasjcaputo@gmail.com

Dr. Kristin DeNure Hunt

Dr. Kristin DeNure Hunt

Professor, Consultant, Facilitator, Mentor and Mediator

Kristin Hunt kristinkayenta@gmail.com Phone 208-874-2883

Dr. Cindy King

Dr. Cindy King

Assistant Professor of Creative Writing, Faculty Editor for The Southern Quill and Writing Club Advisor

Dr. Cindy King, Department of English, Dixie State University, 225 S. 700 E., St. George, UT 84770 - ceking8@gmail.com

Michael A. Harding

Michael A. Harding

Artistic Director / Second Act New Works Festival, Department Chair / Theatre & Dance

Associate Professor of Theatre, Dixie State University, 435-652-7725 *Union regulation requires minimal fee for coaching services


For questions about the event or telling your story on stage, please contact us by filling out this form.

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